Top 5 WordPress Page Builder Tools to Use in 2018

Page Builder Tools

Do you use the Normal WordPress Editor?

Wait! What?

Who uses WordPress Editor now, it’s obsolete. Nothing has changed much have changed in WordPress Editor since the release of WordPress.

Now WordPress platform is used much more than just Blogging.

So what’s the solution?

A Page Page Builder Tools can be a great solution. Either it can be a plugin or a Free Landing Pages creator like Smyln.

You can use these to create post or landing pages, whatever you wish. It’s quite easy to do these using plugins.

Did you know that On-Page Time is one of the primary factors to good ranking?

So it’s essential you can make good – looking posts to get a good On-Page time.

  1. Page Builder Tools by SiteOrigin

    Page Builder Tools by SiteOrigin
    It’s one of the best free page builder plugins for WordPress. The great thing about SiteOrigin is that the various number of templates available. You can create pages without any effort.

    There are various modules. Another great thing about it is not shortcode driven. This means that even if you remove the plugin or it gets disabled, the page won’t break.
    It does not have as many options and customizations you will find in other page builders, and it’s certainly nothing fancy, but it’s a pretty reliable free choice, especially if you’re looking for a really simple page Page Builder Tools without too many complications

  2. Divi Builder by Elegant Themes

    Divi Builder by Elegant Themes
    Elegant Themes makes one of the best themes. Divi Builder is a page builder made by Elegant Themes.

    Divi has a great strong point under its belt when comparing to the competition. The user interface is quite well-designed, and its quite easy to get the hang of the tool. There are a lot of options and page templates (same as the case of Page Builder Tools by Origin.
    It has a high level of design control. The great part is that they are constantly developing the page builder by adding cool features. You have the option to save your own page templates. You can also assign custom CSS to each element, which is quite handy.
    Thrive Architect is also a great front editor.

  3. Themify Builder by Themify

    Themify Builder by Themify
    This page builder is OK Ok.

    While it does have decent features and will get your work done but they are great alternatives.
    If you are going ahead with Themify, you’ll have a hard time dealing with shortcodes.
    So, the conclusion is. This plugin Page Builder Tool is not for you.

  4. Visual Composer

    Visual Composer
    This is one of the best page builders around. At a one time cost of a 34$, it is a steal deal. Worth every penny.

    There are lot many features and modules. The UI is great too.
    They’ve also added mobile view mode. Now you can make adjustments to the page builder based on the mobile display without having to pull out your mobile phone from your pocket.

  5. Elementor

    Elementor is a great addition to the Page Builder Tools plugin world. The best aspect of the plugin? It’s completely free and in the WordPress repository.

    It’s a front-end editor. This means you see what you get. Saves a lot of time.
    There are a lot of cool features. You will love it indeed. There’s is also a mobile editing mode. Even if you remove the plugin, the content remains intact. No shortcode problem.


Hope you will like the content. Page Builder’s are quite great in building good landing pages without outsourcing the content.

I would recommend everyone to try out the Page Builders. Try you stylise your posts, it does make a difference. Your audience will love it.

Do let me know below if your experience below in the comments section?

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