HostGator Coupons: Saving Money on Cloud Hosting

HostGator Coupons

Hosting has come a long way, and cloud hosting is all the rage right now. So, if you are considering giving cloud hosting a try, you can get it at a discounted price using HostGator promo codes.

The cloud hosting concept is simple – several servers are used to maintain website resources. These servers are what make up a “cloud”.

Due to its overwhelming benefits; cloud hosting has become the best option for site owners in need of premium hosting at affordable prices. Some of the upsides to using cloud hosting services include the fact that it reduces server downtime.

In general, cloud hosting makes hosting a lot more reliable since server resources are shared among several servers. For instance, when the load on one server is too much to handle, another server can take on some of the burden and ensure that the site does not crash or slow down.

So, simply speaking, cloud hosting is a set up whereby several servers work together to reduce the limitations that come with hosting a site on a single server.

Why are people moving to cloud hosting?

Save Money

People seem to love cloud hosting, and with good reason – it helps them sidestep the pitfalls of traditional hosting. One of the benefits of cloud hosting is increased server uptime.

Server downtime has been the bane of many online businesses. Just a few minutes offline could cost a site that took months or years to build its hard-earned reputation. Fortunately, with cloud hosting, when one server is down, another server takes its place, preventing downtime problems.

The other reason people are turning to cloud hosting is that it is more cost effective. Basically, sites using cloud hosting just pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with server maintenance costs and other costs incurred when dealing with physical servers.

Also, with other hosting plans, it usually takes quite a bit of effort to upgrade your hosting plan. But with cloud hosting, the process of getting more hosting resources as your site grows is as simple as subscribing to a different cloud hosting plan.

However, when using regular hosting, a site usually needs to be transferred to a more potent server when it outgrows the resource limits of the current server. This is incredibly inconvenient, and also more costly.

Cloud hosting also ensures better speeds since the computing work is spread out among several servers. The speed limitations of regular servers are therefore not present with cloud hosting.

Save money on Hostgator cloud hosting plans with Hostgator coupon codes

HostGator Coupons

HostGator has an amazing selection of cloud hosting plans. Generally speaking, these plans are very affordable, and well-suited to the needs of any site, big or small. However, even with their low prices, you can still reduce this cost further by using HostGator discount codes. Why not check here the latest Hostgator discount codes. In fact, below are some discount coupons you can use to reduce the cost of your plans.

CW2016 – a HostGator promo code that will get you 60% off on all new hosting plans

EARTHDAY16 – gets you 60% off when paying for new hosting packages

SUPERHGDEAL – the coupon code gets you a 30% discount on hosting

HOSTGATOR725 – This HostGator coupon gets you a 25% discount on all orders you make from HostGator

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