Attractive Wooden Business Cards for your Business

Whiskey Design’s Card for your Business

The wooden Business Cards always entice to the fullest. The business card happens to be the much vital element of one’s visual identity since the business card is the first most thing that the people first come across by the time they meet someone. This it is equally much important for you because you produce it to anyone you go and meet. So this is your identity and the first thing the other person comes across for you.

Therefore it is widely important for you to make your business card much special and altogether different so that it turns unique from the rest of the cards. If you succeed in doing so, you will be able to register good impact on your customers. The cards, which are printed on the textured material like wood, would deliver a positive and embossing impression on the clients about you and your business.

You can make your business cards more impressive and eye-pleasing by using the below mentioned creative wooden business cards.

Wooden Business Cards Personalized Engraved 100

These wooden business cards will be sure to set you apart from the crowd. They come in quantities of 100 and measure 3 1/2″ x 2″. They are made from 1/8″ solid Red Alder and come with a beautiful clear finish on both sides.


Wooden Business Cards


Sweet! Wooden business card prototype!



Alan McCormack Wooden Business Cards

Alan McCormack Wooden Business Cards Designed by Alan McCormack


Wood business card by Pure Metal Cards


Wood Business Cards

With each card being unique in grain pattern, you can be sure that people will be asking for your card—and not tossing them out later. These durable cards are precisely milled to 3/32″ thick, about the thickness of three credit cards.


CYB Consulting Cards

Turned out really nicely, very good wood choice.


Whiskey Design’s Card

100% Red Cedar Wood Business Cards Laser Etched Each one is unique

Whiskey Design’s Card for your Business

Chipboard Letterpress

Inspired by old ticket stubs, I designed and letter pressed my own business cards. The card is 3.5×1.5 and printed on chipboard.

Chipboard Letterpress Cards for your Business

Wooden Business Card

I have gotten so many compliments on these cards over the years and thought I would share them. They are made thin enough to not be bulky and I did a reverse out on the logo.

Wooden Business Card  for your Business

Business Card for: Korner Saunabau

Laser cut wooden business card for sauna manufacturer. Use of their main material, wood, to give the feel and touch of the product.

Korner Saunabau Cards for your Business

Business Card for: Courtney Danforth

These cards were constructed to resemble the game pieces of one of the most popular board games of all time, Scrabble. Made out of sugar maple wood, cut on the end grain, laser etched, and finished by hand.

Courtney Danforth Cards for your Business

Fifth Floor Gallery Cards for your Business

Murillo Design

Murillo Design Cards for your Business

Eye Catchy Wooden Cards

Eye Catchy Wooden Cards for your Business

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