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This world is full of wonders and beautiful sights. Tourists from all over the globe wander through the world to see its wonders. But also there are a lot of people who are fond of going to such places but could not do so. This article contains list of Ten Amazingly Beautiful Places On Our Planet and is for such people who cannot afford the visit so that they enjoy the beauty of nature right through their internet and also for those who are planning to visit the MUST VISITED PLACES ON EARTH.

1. Wisteria Tunnel – Japan

Wisteria Tunnel is located at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. It’s almost on 4 hour drive from tokiyo.This wonderful garden of nature around contains 150 Wisteria flowering plants, from 20 different species. hanging brushes of white, blue, purple, violet-blue enhances its beauty making this one the must visited places on Earth.

Wisteria-Tunnel.jpg Wisteria-Tunnel-Image-2.jpg Wisteria-Tunnel-Image-3.jpg Wisteria-Tunnel-Image-4.jpg

2. PAMUKKALE – Turkey

You’ve always heard about sand castles or castle made of bricks and stones but PAMUKKALE is not one of them. It is a nature “Cotton Castle” in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. The name is given because of calcium carbonated mixed water emerging from 17 hot water springs  affected by weather conditions renders it looks like cotton making it another one of the beautiful places.

PAMUKKALE-Image-1.jpg PAMUKKALE-Image-2.jpg PAMUKKALE-Image-3.jpg PAMUKKALE-Image-4.jpg

3. Door To Hell – Turkmenistan

Located in Derweze – Turkmenistan, Door To Hell is a natural gas field. In 1971, Geologists uncovered a huge cavern while searching for natural gas resources which then swallowed the over ground. This cavern was filled with poisonous gas and to avert its spread, they ignited it. It’s been burning since then for around 40 years because natural resource of that poisonous  gas in not getting empty. So the locals give this 70 meter wide crater as a “Door To Hell” which is among wonderful places of Earth.

Door-To-Hell-Image-1.jpg Door-To-Hell-Image-2.jpg Door-To-Hell-Image-3.jpg Door-To-Hell-Image-4.jpg

4. The Crooked Forest – Poland

This is a forest of odd shaped pine trees located at “Nowe Czarnowo, Poland”. Approximately 400 trees were planted in this grove in 1930. It is believed that some human efforts and tools were used while planting this grove but the purpose is still unknown.

The-Crooked-Forest-Image-1.jpg The-Crooked-Forest-Image-2.jpg The-Crooked-Forest-Image-3.jpg The-Crooked-Forest-Image-4.jpg


This Great Blue Hole is situated on the sea bed, off the coast of Belize.These are also called as “vertical caves”. Blue holes formed when water level was 100 to 120 meters lower than normal during past ice ages. Some blue holes contain fresh water and some contain salt water.


6. Tunnel Of Love – Ukraine

In Ukraine, this gorgeous pathway is used by a private train to supply wood to a local factory. This is not the only purpose, this leaf-road of 1.8 miles is also used by lovers for their promises making it stand in some beauty filled places.

Tunnel Of Love Image 1 Tunnel Of Love Image 2 Tunnel Of Love Image 3 Tunnel Of Love Image 4


This renowned Taoist sacred mountain lies 25 miles north of Yushan Country in Jiangxi Province, China. It is made up of  three main summits: Yujing, Yushui, and Yuhua, representing the Taoist trinity. Those who have visited this wonderful place proclaim to avail the piece of mind which is enhanced by profusion water falls, pools and springs.

SANQINGSHAN-image-1.jpg SANQINGSHAN-image-2.jpg SANQINGSHAN-image-3.jpg SANQINGSHAN-image-4.jpg

8. Mount Roraima Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana

Situated at north America, Mount Roraima is really an awesome creation of nature. It is spread over 30,000 square meters thus ranking it number one peak of Guyana’s Highland Range.It was the center of myth of the locals before European explorers got there. It was first climbed by SIR EVERARD and now is destination of backpackers.

Mount-Roraima-Image-1.jpg Mount-Roraima-Image-2.jpg Mount-Roraima-Image-3.jpg Mount-Roraima-Image-4.jpg

9. Socotra – Yemen

This small archipelago of four islands is a part of the Republic Of Yemen. The island measures 132 kilometers in length and 49.7 kilometers in width. Some people describe it as one of the alien looking places on Earth.

Socotra-Image-1.jpg Socotra-Image-2.jpg Socotra-Image-3.jpg Socotra-Image-4.jpg

10. Ice Canyon – Greenland

Melt-water in Greenland carved these Ice Canyons. These are 150 ft in depth. The ice sheet of Green Land is second largest ice sheet of the world covering around 24,00 kilometers in north-south direction and its greatest width is 1100 kilometers at a latitude of 77 Degree of North.

Ice-Canyon-Image-1.jpg Ice-Canyon-Image-2.jpg Ice-Canyon-Image-3.jpg Ice-Canyon-Image-4.jpg

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