65 Free Logo PSD Mock-Ups

An ultimate collection of 65 Free Logo PSD Mock-Ups. The complete collection of free design mockup PSD templates for various kinds of graphic designing.

Mockups are the designed prototypes. They are used to establish any kind of design before going to the final production. Presenting a design in an effective way requires great creativity. It needs plenty of time. There is a huge amount of free logo psd mock-ups all over the internet. In this post, you can find free logo psd mock-ups that’ll help you in presenting your design in a very effective and a creative way.

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Elegant Metallic Logo Mockup

As you can see it’s a photo-realistic metal logo mockup in Photoshop PSD format. Using this freebie, you can quickly create your own perspective logo concepts in 3D embossed steel and present them to your clients!
The PSD files comes with smart object layers.



Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

Create a realistic printed leather effect for your logo, badge or lettering. This PSD template uses smart object feature, so you can easily replace current logo with your own in seconds. And don’t forget to check out the actual pixels.



Silver Stamping Logo MockUp

A metallic foil printing effect combined  with embossing to create a “fancy” presentation for your logo, signage or lettering. Use the smart layer to easily drag and drop your design.



Embossed Paper Logo MockUp

This PSD mock-up creates an embossing effect into the paper for your typography and logo designs. The smart objects make it a breeze to place your own design so you can have a nice presentation in no time.



Embroidered Logo MockUp

Have you ever wondered what your logo looks like embroidered on a t-shirt? Use this PSD mock-up to get a quick idea and be sure to change the texture color to go along with your design.



Free Logo Mock Up Letterpress and white paper

Download a free logo mock up. The theme of this mock up is letterpress and white paper.



Mock Up 2

A free logo mock up in collection 6 with black paper and three logo effects : reflection, embossed and classic print. This item contains 1 highly detailed photo-realistic mock-up. This PSD files uses Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly.



17 Free Logo Mock-Ups Pack

Our psd file for today is something i am sure your will love. The simple and beautiful way to present your logo or to get an idea of how it would look like when printed on different materials such as leather, fabric, metal, cardboard, cloth, books, wood, paper and much more. More than 15 different styles of logo template settings to choose from. Every single effect, style, color and texture can be managed and edited to fit your design needs.



A free engraved logo mock up in collection 7 with a special paper. This item contains 1 highly detailed photorealistic mock-up. This PSD files uses Smart-Object feature, so you can replace the mockup content easily and quickly.



Vintage Metal Emblem MockUp

You gotta love those vintage automobile and electronics emblems! This mock-up tries to resemble that old fashion style of metal lettering. It’s easy to edit, just open the smart object in the PSD file, place your logo and save it. Check out the full view to see all the details!



Logo Mock Up 2 – Cardboard

Download a free logo mock up with cardboard. It is possible to move the cardboard and the logo in order to have some different point of view.



3D White Text Logo Mock-Up

This PSD resource allows you to apply a soft 3d look to your text. Just edit the text inside smart object, save it and the effect will be created automatically for you. Don’t forget to check out the real pixels!



Plump Text Effect

This cartoon text effect will work best with rounded typefaces. It’s created from a combination of two layer styles, and it’s easy to edit.



3D Logo / Text Mockup (Smart Object – Psd)

Three dimensional psd logo and text mock-up template that will help you turn your flat shape, logo or text into a 3d interesting one.



Smart Object 3D Text PSD

Check out this cool 3D effect created in Photoshop. Fully layered smart object PSD. Download from the link below, enjoy!



Glass Door/Window Signage Mock-Up

Create a realistic glass door logo mock-up to showcase your work and other lettering. Easy to edit layers with smart object so you can add design and quickly.



Smart 3D Effect

its a smart object layered 3D which mean you can pretty much drop  in any fonts or shapes and it will automaticlly give it that 3D depth effect, I did include 3 sizes of  the depth starting from 3px-8px-all the way to 16px.



Trivia Text Effect

The 3D effect and the subtle line pattern will give your typography a distinctive look. All layers are editable and you can easily change the text via smart object. Works well on both text and shapes!



Letterpress Logo MockUp

Use this PSD template to create a realistic letterpress printing effect for your logo, lettering and more. Just drag and drop your design inside the PSB file and the smart objects will do the magic.



Realistic Logo Mock-Up (Free Download)

Here is another Realistic Logo Mock-Up requested by my watchers



3D Logo using Mash Style Font

It’s a free font but you can donate a little bit to the creator. The .PSD file includes a Smart Object layer which you can easily edit. You can check out the full preview below and as always the download link is right above it.



Painted Wood Logo MockUp

Create a realistic paint on wood presentation for your logo, signage or lettering. This PSD mock-up is designed with smart objects making it a breeze to use. Be sure to check out the actual size for details.



Metallic Logo PSD MockUp

With this PSD template you can easily create a stylish metallic look for any logo, shape or text. All you have to do is to replace the actual logo with yours inside smart object. Enjoy!



Realistic Logo Mock-Ups (5 Pack)

Show off your logo in style with these realistic sleek printed logo mockups. The PSD files uses Smart Objects, so that you can replace the example logo with your own artwork quickly and easily. Create a realistic presentation of how your logo may look printed in just a few seconds.



3D Outline Logo with Smart Object Layer

Initially I was trying to create a 3D prospective logo, as I continued to spent time on all the smart layer, I came across this one cool design keeping one of the layer as only an outline, and keeping very last layer flat… the finally result is this. You can grab the PSD below. Size: 2500×1600. You can change the outline color from the main smart object layer blending options.



Free Logo Mockup

Editable smart objects -Easy to use -Dimensions: 2560×1920px



Window Signage MockUp

A realistic window graphics mock-up to showcase your logo and lettering. Simply edit the smart object to add your design and quickly create a unique effect. The PSD template comes in high-resolution, so you can easily adapt it to your needs.



Pressed Cardboard Logo MockUp

Make a realistic presentation of your logo with this PSD letterpress mock-up. Just drag any shape or text inside the PSB file and the smart objects will do the hard work. The template is available in high-resolution so you can easily adapt it to your needs.



3D Wall Logo MockUp

This PSD template is handy if you want to present your logo as a wall mounted sign or just for nice 3D text effect. Replace the smart object content quick and easy, and have fun with this fully layered Photoshop file.



Gold Stamping Logo MockUp

Metallic foil stamping is a great way to add “prestige” to a design that calls for polished look. With this PSD mock-up, you can easily get that look directly in Photoshop. Use the smart object feature and quickly create a great presentation.



I Love 3D Logo MockUp

Give your logo a 3D look with this realistic mock-up. As you already know, smart objects are there for you. The light effect on top might need some adjusting depending on the shape of your logo. Click the image above to see full pixels!



Cutout Logo MockUp

Realistic logo mock-up with clean look and fine details, ready for your presentations. It works with any shape or text, using the Photoshop smart object feature. Check out the full view to see all the details!



Wood Engraved Logo MockUp

This wood engraved effect works great with any logo, shape or text. It’s quick and easy! All you have to do is to replace the current logo with yours inside smart object, and then save it.



5 Vintage Labels / Insignias Vol

A set of 5 premium quality vintage insignias that can be used for logos, stamps or print. They are fully scalable, easy to edit vector shapes available in PSD, AI and EPS. The overlay grain texture is also included.



Muesli Text Effect

Today’s PSD is an eye-catchy text effect inspired by the cereal logos. This effect works with two layer styles piled up together. Easy and delicious!



Free White Paper Logo Mock-Up

the free resources is a Text / Logo Mockup to diaplay your logos in a realistic way, it has recreated a deep effect on a texture, giving a visual perspective, Ligh effect and texture inside smart object, a small but great free graphic resource, clean and easy to use, anyone can use this freebie is very easy to customize and fully layered.



Realistic Metallic Effect .PSD

Check out this metallic effect using layer style, the PSD includes Smart Object layer so you can easily add your own design. The larger preview is right below the Download button.



Wood Engraved Effect MockUp

Cool wood engraved effect using inner shadow effect, the end-result looks very realistic. You can download the smart object .PSD below, and check out the high res preview.



Red Valvet Leather Logo with Smart Object .PSD

his one I was inspired by another design I seen today on behance (you can follow me there). And really liked it, and after few tutorials I came up with this design using of my shield (which you can grab here)… Here is the Smart Object .PSD for the design 2200×1400



Metallic Logo Mock Up

Just open the psd file double click on the smart object layer (Double click and place logo) do what it says. Logo has to be in one color and transparent. After placing your logo just save and close the window.



Free Perspective Logo Showcase Mock-up



Logo Mockup (Freebie)


Coffee cotton logo mockup

Hello there.  Today’s freebie is a little logo mockup for you to present your logo in style. This one is a logo on cotton-ish fabric and it’s all free to use as you please.



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