Four surprising things you can do with Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3


What if you knew that you could buy an iPhone for half the price? Certainly, you would not be able to ignore this option if you are looking for a new phone. The good news is that you really can buy a phone that offers all the features of an iPhone and much more. As a rule of thumb, the android users are often placed under the second’ ladder because android phones are a cheaper option. However, intelligence dictates that it is better to buy a product with a lesser amount, which has no superiority. Apple users have their philosophies, and other popular brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have their benefits to offer. However, the fact is that the Google Pixel series is the only phone capable of providing all the features to its user and iPhones. Other brands have some superior qualities like Huawei have the claim to provide the most durable hardware for electronics. Still, Google has the investment resources to offer its users all these features at the best prices of an android phone. It is not wrong to say that Google Pixel Series is a phone of the people.

When your phone gets damaged

Everything said and done; there is nothing worse than having a broken phone. People these days have become too accustomed to their phones that they can’t live without it. The reason for that is these phones offer so many exciting services that we are unable to benefit from any other sources. A smartphone is a dictionary, library, torch, messenger, and entertainer at the same time. With the help of our phones, we are connected to the world and want to stay in touch 24/7. The good news is that Google Pixel 3 XL screen repair services are available online and offline shops. However, they cost so much that many users end up buying a new phone altogether. It would be great if people could transfer their data into new phones as some other brands allow.

The Unexpected Features of the Pixel 3

No matter how long you have been using iPhones, once you start using the android devices, you would never want to go back. A big reason for that is you do not have to pay for services like music and books. They are available for free. Most of the apps in the android stores are free of cost and do not have as many in-app purchases as iPhones. Here are the periodic functions of Google phones that you can enjoy before and after Pixel 3 XL screen Repair:

  1. You can upgrade your OS from Pie to the upcoming latest Android Eleven.
  2. You can run multiple applications simultaneously in different windows.
  3. You can use the amazing Augmented Reality photo features to buff up your selfie game.
  4. You can record 4k HD videos from the front camera as well.
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