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A website will grow only if the email list is more engaging and larger in number and this will help you to make more money. In any website, we need to develop opt-in forms in more locations and you can also develop by adding content on regular basis, page level targeting or you can run split tests that boost conversions and leverage the other cutting edge tactics.

All this process can be done with using WordPress plugins.

Now let’s see the best lead generation plugin for their latest features and updates:

Thrive Leads:

Thrive Leads considered the best and an impressive list building plugin on the market. It comes with the ability to add different varieties of opt-in forms which covers everything from popovers and scroll boxes. In Thrive Leads comes with a great selection of templates where you can use the drag and drop editor to customize so it’ll look how you want them to be.
Other than the regular way of split testing you can split test different opt-in form types against each other. The reporting is broad where you get a general snapshot overview of our progress through various reports.

Thrive Leads

The latest features and updates of Thrive leads are a smart link where it allows us to show a different call to action to your existing subscribers. The content upgrade will deliver an impressive conversation that leads us to set our own templates.

Content locking where you can hide premium content behind an opt-in form, thrive lead is now updated to fifty plus opt-in templates, actionable reporting, and statistics.

The price of Thrive leads is 56$ with unlimited updates and 1 year of support or you can also purchase their membership plan which unlocks all their plugins and themes.

Gaurav from PhoneAddons says-

“ I was able to grow my list from 100 to 1000 subscribers using Thrive Leads”.


Optinmonster is another popular list building plugin. Which mean all our opt-in forms will be managed from a central location which gives us a great overview. You can edit forms, start split tests and monitor our progress.

Optinmonster can be used in on any HTML based websites. Optinmonster can be great if you run on multiple WordPress sites where you can focus on improving conversation in the mail without diving into a bunch of various different sites. You can customize a large range if opt-in form types within the site for an easy to use an editor.

The latest features and updates of Optinmonster are advance display rules which allow us to choose when and how to display your opt-in forms which can display widely when someone clicks on a link. Yes or No feature in latest update helps us to use yes or no buttons instead of displaying opt-in forms. A dynamic text replacement which allows us to personalize opt-in forms based on certain variables like URL, cookies, and queries.

Optinmonster is easy to customize which supports multiple email marketing platforms and autoresponders. The price of Optinmonster starts from 19$ a month with additional plans to unlock more features.

OptinmonsterPopup Domination will support just one type if opt-in form, still, this plugin does the job incredibly well. Along with this plugin, you get one year of support and unlimited updates. You can install this plugin either in WordPress or to any website with standalone version.

Features and updates of Popup Domination are it comes with twenty-four design templates. This plugin is easy customization which supports all major email marketing platforms. This comes with built-in analytics. The price of popup domination is 47$.

Leadpages comes with WordPress plugin where you get an entire platform which will help to build your list. The plugin is just a part of it.

Leadpages will help you grow your list by converting landing pages into an option form. You can create your own two steps option with lead boxes. This plugin will generate a lead link which allows subscribers to join the list or subscribers to a webinar.

Plugin for WordPress

Features and updates of Leadpages are limited. The most significant update has been their drag and drop builder. Leadpages have more than seventy landing page templates and you also get unlimited landing pages, domains, traffic. The price of Leadpages starts from 37$ a month.
Hope you liked our list of lead generation plugins. Do comment below which is your best plugin and why?


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