10 best Photoshop pen tool tutorials

Photoshop Pen tool for me it is the best tool one can imagine. There are many a use for this tool, I have seen people using it for selection, artwork and making of complex shapes in Photoshop. Though we have seen many beginner designers having no idea how power full this tool is. First thing first for all the beginners, start reading and don’t just jump in to Photoshop. The most common problem that one faces is hit and trial methods that is the worst case we encountered while hiring designers. Guys spend a little time on reading and learn stuff by great designers who are spending great deal of money and time to write awesome tutorials for you guys.

Being creative is not enough in todays market, one have to learn how to express his creativity while using markets standard apps.

Coming back to the topic. We have gathered some really awesome step by step tutorials that will help you to learn Pen tool usage in Photoshop. It might be boring for some of you, therefor we have selected some advance tutorials that used Pen Tool to achieve their effects. These advance tutorials will work like fuel in your learning as you will get learn how designers uses Pen tool in their project and create eye-catching effects.

Enjoy these and do comment on how you liked this collection. We will be back with more stuff.


Become a Master of the Pen Tool in Under 30 Minutes

A good startup tutorial to learn pen tool. The author guides you step by step to learn how to trace a image by using Photoshop pen tool. The resulting image is below.



Photoshop Pen tool Basic Tutorial

A beginner tutorial that is all about how the Bezier works with Pen tool. Awesome to learn drawing in Photoshop.



Learn how to create Lineart

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HwEQlPUNw&hl=en&hd=1]

Adobe Photoshop Pen tool tutorial


Photoshop’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide



These should do it and we hope you will learn some good tips from above tutorials. Below are tutorials that involves Pen Tool to create awesome effects. We are listing them here that you can get inspired and we thought these will be useful for you guys. In these tutorials you will learn advance techniques that will give you an idea how and where to use Pen Tool in Photoshop.


Vibrant Photo Manipulation

In this tutorials we will learn how to use the pen tool effectively and also some freehand brushing which looks good.


Design a Photo Manipulation from Sketch to Color

In this tutorial you will learn to use the Pen Tool, making colorful rainbow designs, and showing the correct way to pick out stocks to use in our photo manipulation.


Create A Glowing Super Hero

You’ll use the Marquee and Pen tools to create various forms, and generate atmosphere with glow effects made using Adjustment layers and Layer Styles.


Advance Glow Effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Pen tool to create awesome looking Glow Effect.


Design a Realistic 3D Baseball Cap in Photoshop

This tutorial is my favorite, it is a step by step guide and give you insights to great 3d looking baseball cap using combination of Pen Tool and brushes.


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