Odd And Funny Accident Photos

Tired of your routine and boring life? lets have some fun watching Odd And Funny Accidents Photos.









2-Asteroid Have Found Its Way

Asteroid Have Found Its Way




3-Best Thing To Do When There Is No Place Of Parking

best thing to do when there is no place of parking




4-Boat Is Averting Car From Committing Suicide

boat is averting car from commiting a suicide




5-Broken Back Bone

broken backbone




6-Command, I Am Going To Take Off!!!

Command, i am going to take off




7-Cool Arrangement

Cool Arrangment




8-OMG, Copsssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!





9-Let’s Fart At The Gas Station

give me the gas free of cost otherwise i will fart




10-Odd Way Of Giving Way

giving way to other cars




11-Going Down Going Down

going down going down




13-Funny Car Wash

going to take a shower




14-Hey Boss I Am Parking The Cars

Hey boss i am parking the cars




15-Funny Hide & Seek

hide and seek




16-I Do Not Want To Liveeeeeee

i do not want to live




17-Funny Stunt

Funny Stunt




18-Let’s Give Some Milk To The Sufferer

Let's give some milk to the sufferer




19-Splitting Boat

Splitting Boat




20-Odd Weight Loss

Odd Weight Loss




21-Sink This Crap

Sink This Crap




22-That Is Too Mch Weight

That Is Too Mch Weight




23-Odd Landing

Odd Landing




24-My Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeees

my eyeeeeeeeeeees




25-Nice Parking

Nice Parking




26-Oh God…I Wish The Train Would Never Come

Oh God...i wish the train would never come




27-I Really Mishhh Youuuuuuuu

Oh i really mish you




28-Parked My Tank

Parked My Tank




29-Told You To Give Me Ticket

told you to give me a ticket




30-Strange Road Block

strange road block




31-Funny Accident & Odd Tree Between Legs

Funny Accident & Odd Tree Between Legs




32-There Used To Be A Road

there used to be a road man




33-Go Now And Don’t Come Again

Go Now And Don’t Come Again




34-This Is Not An Accident,Dont Disturb Us

This Is Not An Accident Dont Disturb Us




35-Stunt Or Accident?

Stunt Or Accident




36-Who Is Inside?

who is inside




37-Why Not Start Constructing Here Now?

why not start constructing here




38-Rest In Piece, I Can Do Your Job

rest in piece i can do your job

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