How to commence and achieve success in the e-commerce business during the COVID era?

ecommerce business

These days, customers tend to purchase products and services online due to better connectivity of the internet, ease of transacting, and affordable and attractive pricing. Nonetheless, maintaining a successful e-commerce business is just more than partaking in a price war. The silver bullet here is to attract customers to your business so that they come to you over again and again. Here, technologies can help your business build post-sales communication by which customers can connect with you, and in return, you will receive loyalty from them.

As we all know, the pandemic shows no signs of respite, it has already tumbled down the global economy. Not only has it jeopardized our personal lives but also our professional lives and no sign of certainty when it will be over, and we would hit everyday life. As all over the world, the lockdown has been lifting slowly, people have been trying to sync their life with the new normal. We had to change the mode of our professional interaction, from in-person to online mode. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders adapt themselves to virtual practices with sole proprietorship registration India which allows them to function in isolation and build something robust for the future. That’s why in such dire times, the importance of e-commerce businesses increases tremendously. 

Choose your technology correctly. 

It is easy to get fascinated by your products and their pictures and description. The fundamental issue for any e-commerce entrepreneur has to be to opt for the right kind of technology for selling goods online. The whole e-commerce ecosystem requires some sort of arranged logistics, which work through automation at the backend. Here, one should conclude whether to go for a custom build application or coalesce SAAS such as Shopify. 

One can use eSellerhub and Browntape while selling under various marketplaces. This would bring all your items into one basket to efficiently manage inventories, payments, and shipping. Those operating their online store might choose to merge WordPress or Magento themes that assist them in rolling the ball with pace by generating a strong system. Intrinsically, it comes with SEO-optimized bug-free code that is used by many e-commerce professionals online. 

Relying on the types of products and PoS, you would be choosing the best-suited technology that aspires to set you free from all the intricate hassles of operating an e-commerce business while neutralizing all the operational and functional hazards. 

Looking over the consumers’ content and their place of hangout.

E-commerce businesses are mostly about selling. But then, what describes the successful e-commerce entrepreneur is understanding the ‘knowing’ part of it. In that particular portion, you will understand your customers, and in return, that can increase your sales. Once you locate and target the group demographics, go after and look where they invest, most of the time on their screens.

Are they surfing videos? Chatting? Blogging? Are they checking out Facebook or Instagram? Following certain trends? It is to understand their content consumption, which would eventually help you to reach out to them efficiently at the right time and place. 

Opting the right platform to sell: – own portal VS marketplace. 

Most of the e-commerce sellers find themselves in the dilemma of selecting between selling items on their portal or placing a product in the marketplace. Constructing and selling items on a dedicated new platform is identical to begin a business from scratch, which requires effort. Apart from that, e-commerce entrepreneurs can always enter into an established market that is well-known for selling a particular product type. If you plan to go global, it is crucial to get the import-export code (IEC) certificate. You can opt to apply IEC code online with required copies of documents. If you are operating MSME, you will have to apply for MSME registration, as the MSME sector contributes more than 50% of India’s export. Online MSME registration can be done via visiting the government’s official portal with the Aadhaar card number with or without a PAN card number.

For instance, is well-known for electronics, on the other hand, depicts style and fashion. That’s why selecting the right marketplace for your product or service will work as a shop within a multiplex mall. The people would visit it through the website (the mall) for a particular section (your products). For effective inventory management, make sure that your shop is in the right mall. 

Watch your LTV and CAC.

It is something that can measure your profitability and break-even. There is no such existence as an immaculate place where e-commerce entrepreneurs’ can hideout. It might happen that you are spending too much to attract new customers, or even if you do, there is no possibility of retaining them. Here, to find the perfect balance, you should be investing your resources to get hold of obtained cohorts’ costs.

On the other hand, First, gauge the lifetime value of a customer that is feasible on your e-commerce products and services. Afterward, build an efficient coalescing strategy revolving around it. The motto should be to examine a customer acquisition cost such that you are still left with a handsome amount of profit.

In an ideal scenario, companies usually use a 3:1 ratio. That means, on average, if consumers are spending $300 over their lifespan, the e-commerce vendor will have the flexibility to spend up to $100 to obtain such consumers. This bespeaks a real ROI on customer acquisition. 

Your products and services are a jewel for you.

Everybody knows it is a no-brainer. The products and services that you are offering on the e-commerce website or application should be pinpoint perfect. To assure such quality offerings, you should make a system to monitor customer sentiments and their reviews. This calls for coalescing a standard Net promoter score to help you obtain a persistent feedback loop from the customers.

In his/her toolkit, a successful e-commerce merchant would prefer to merge net promoter score as a vital KPI that helps to nurture business and enhance a loyal customer base. You should look into the unfiltered surveys from registered and unregistered customers as well. And once you get the score from that survey, you should quickly recognize the passives, promoters, and detractors to further strategize your actions and decisions.


Operating a successful e-commerce business is not distinct from operating any other business in most ways. When your product and service is your hero, and when you plan to converse effectively with your audience, nothing can stop you from getting success for your e-commerce business.   

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