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If you are a real Android lover and want to give your working talent more Android style then you must be looking for Android related design items to develop stronger association with Android. For your convenience Psdreview has gathered a variety of resources where you can find free Android icon sets. Foreseeing the end of Apple hegemony and rise of Android you may want to take the bull by the horns and would like to turn your talent more towards Android applications. To give you opportunity of becoming a pioneer in the field of developing Android applications, we have gathered these free Android icon sets for you. If this post helps you in finding some of your desired icons or helps you in developing understanding of Android technology, please let us know as your feedback would serve as catalyst.

Updated 2/2/2014

FREE: 144 minimal Android icons package

These free android icons are perfect for web and Android apps..they are in vector shapes – fully scale able. This package contains 72 unique icons and another 72 customized icons(500*500). In total there are 144 icons. In the package you can find the icons in many sizes, if you can not find a particular icon just open the ai. files.
Formats: ai/png.


RipMe Android HD


350 Android App Icons

350 Developers Icons for iOS, Android, & WP7 Mobile Apps Checkout this icon set that has been perfectly sized to fit iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices.


Android Icons Set 2

Android application Icons Part II~ 34 PNGs (600×600 px) ….added the remaining Eclair 2.1 icons and a lot of popular apps (and some geeky ones too).. License: There is no license attached to this work. You are free to use them with or without modification.


Android Application Icons Set

All Icons created from scratch.(PSD files for the icons will be uploaded soon along with templates of android GUI) Feel free to use them


New HTC Sense UI 2.1 Android Icons

Official icons from the newest HTC Sense UI Android 2.1.
22 PNG icons in 48×48 resolution +5 icons PNG in 128×128 resolution.


Faenza Icons for Android

apps icons: AK Notepad, Android Comic Viewer, Andoku, Angry Birds, BeyondPod, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Dropbox, Facebook, Gallery, Gmail, Google Earth,, Maps, Market, Mint, Music, Opera, Phone, Skype, TuneIn Radio, Wapedia, XBMC Remote, YouTube


Fluxed icons for Android

Fluxed tries to differentiate itself from the regular randomness of Android icons by unifying them to one style while keeping the uniqueness of each app. This theme focuses on subtle colors which will look great on simple wallpapers. At the same time, the custom icons have enough body to hold their own against the craziest backgrounds.


More Codex icons for Android

More icons in the same style as my Codex icons . This time there are 30 icons for apps like: Angry Birds, Layar, Evernote, Settings, Doubletwist, Shazam, Firefox Home, Bookmark, NewsRob, Barcode scanner and more.


Tha Android Icon sets

included 234 icons in 3 size
-48px (android 1.6-)
-72px (android 2.0+)
-200px (for Desktop Dock)

just get the source file to make more development


PurityFS HD Android Icon Set

A very colorful theme made for android. I worked pretty hard on this. Thanks to my beta testers and thanks to the supporters.
Hope you enjoy this theme. Thanks to many inspirations out there


Aeolus Android HD

This Android OS specific set contains 44, 125×125 icons in .PNG format. Some of the icons have alternates. The set may be used as a theme for launchers such as ‘Go Launcher’, ‘Sweeter Home’, ‘ADW Ex’ or roms such as MIUI. I will be creating a special MIUI themed ROM though for all the MIUI users, so stay tuned.


Android Mega Pack icons



Icons for your Android device.


Prime Android Icons


Breathe Icons for Android

Breathe is a new replacement icon set for the Android OS, inspired by iPhone styled rounded icons.

breath icons for android



Android Dialog Icons

High resolution icons for Android apps

Android Dialog Icons images

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Icons v3.1

147 icons, inspired from the stock app launcher in Android 4 ICS.


Android 2.2 Official Icons

The newest Android 2.2 icons.


350 Mobile App Icons

Android Menu Icons + Android Tab Bar Icons


Android First icon set

Android First

Glass Line Icons sets

Glass line Icons. PSD file included of preview to create extras.


Gingerbread Style Android Icons

Gingerbread Style Android Icons

Dulce HD Released 2.0

Dulce HD beautifully colorizes your device with its brightly colored icons. The theme comes in glow, and a non-glow version to satisfy all tastes. The icons are larger than the default iPhone icons to adjust for those who may have larger thumbs and find it hard to tap on the correct icons. Tons of new icons and loads of alternates! Over 200 icons and 3rd party apps Templates Included.

Dulce HD Released 2.0

Android Application Icons Sets  Part 2 | Part 3

Android Application Icons Set



Android Removable Drive Icon Set

Android Removable Drive Icon Set

Android Tab Icons

Android Tab Icons

Android 2.2 Official Icons Set

Android 2.2 Official Icons Set

Black and White Android

Black and White Android

Free and Simple Android Icons

Free and Simple Android Icons

Free Bubbly Android Icons

Free Bubbly Android Icons

Decent Android Icons sets

Decent Android Icons

Fresh and Free Android Icons Set

Fresh and Free Android Icons Set

Colorful Android Icons Set

Colorful Android Icons Set

HD Android Icons set

HD Android Icons

Android Icons Shape Package

Android Icons Shape Package

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