40+ Eye Catching Wonders of Underwater Photography Examples

In the categories of photography, underwater photography is considered to be the most difficult to practice. This photography technique requires specialized equipment and knowledge of advance techniques to capture a perfect picture. It involves many aspects like a photographer need to get accurate focus, correct exposure, guessing or knowledge of subject movement, light, color balance etc.

You can’t find a big amount of photographers in this specific niche in photography just because of risk and specialization that one have to achieve to capture the photos.

Today we have gathered underwater photography examples to show you what kind of beauty lies underwater.

Well after watching these underwater photography examples I was in awe aspiring situation as I have never seen all these scenes in my entire life. I hope you girls/guys will like this collection of underwater photography examples and give encouraging words to Photographers that have put up a great effort to capture these awesome moments for us.

Nudi Marco Paravella

Smile for the camera

Underwater Photo

Seeing double

Underwater Ballet

A Little Bit Blue

Filefish in Fiji

Feather Duster Fan Worm By p@ragon

Close up de murene vipere By Racunion

Green sea turtle By bluewavechris

Synaptula , a holothurian By robs cruising & diving pics

ST. JOHN By Fabio Strazzi

IMG By Andrey Narchuk

Snack By fabbricamare

School of Fusilier By JennyHuang

Manta Ray 27 By BarryFackler

Pseudoceros Bimarginatus By Divemecressi

Twins By Andrey Narchuk


Beautiful Flowers By Andrey Narchuk

Peacock Flounder Eyes By Applecorps Photography

Bumphead Parrotfish By PacificKlaus

meaningful shot By JennyHuang

Stringray By Andy Deitsch

Crazy Eyes by Marco Paravella

dsc_0254 by Marco Paravella

45_adj_DSC3623 pufferfish by Marco Paravella

Flirty cow Photography by jordi benitez

MALDIVE 2010 by Marco Paravella

The beauty of nudibranchs by Kleine Cos

My Star By Dmitry Miroshnikov

Magic Mushroom

DSC_8742 Photography By fabbricamare

Wonderful world Photography By samebody

Old wives club by jordi benitez

Weaving and turning Underwater By Darren A


Smile for the camera By digidiverdeb

Green moray eel Underwater Photography By AlistairKiwi

Purple Spong with holothurians clinging Underwater Photography

IMG_6444ch Underwater Photography By Andrey Narchuk

Decompression Underwater Photography By samebody

IMG_0228 copia Photography By Davide Dèdè Lopresti

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