21+ Wild Bird Photographs From NatGeo

Ornithology is the scientific study of birds and Steve Boyes of Percy FtizPartrick Institute of African Ornithology has his own name in the science of birds. Here we present to our readers his collection published in Explorer Journal on February 9, 2012.

1- Sunbirds

Sunbirds are orange breasted birds endemic to S. Africa.


2- Cape Gannet

Sighting a Cape gannet with outstretched wings is a wonderful experience.

Cape Gannet

3- African Firefinch

African firefinch is one of the common species of Africa with a distributional range of 5400000 km2.

African Firefinch

4- Southern Masked

Have you ever seen a Southern masked weaver eyeing directly to you while making a nest, if not then cherish Boyes experience.

Southern Masked

5- White Pelican

Great white pelicans are real survivors and seeing a real survivor could be an amazing experience.

White Pelican

6- African Eagle

Fish Eagles of Africa, a marvelous take off photo to watch.

African Eagle

7- Cattle Egret

Egret sitting on the back of a zebra is a nice experience to witness.

Cattle Egret

8- Black-Shouldered kite

You may find one hovering over fields in your village as these black shouldered kites are common scene from Africa to China.

Black-Shouldered kite

9- African Grey Hornbill

The tough grey hornbill in rough woodlands in Africa.

African Grey Hornbill

10- Lilac-Breasted Roller

Seeing a lilac-breasted roller in the bright sunlight could be delight for the photographer as a natural wonder.

Lilac-Breasted Roller

11- Cross-Eyed Jackal Buzzard

Cross-eyed jackal buzzard is another stunning raptor which can be seen sitting on powerlines in Africa.

Cross-Eyed Jackal Buzzard

12- African Jacana

African jacana searches for food but becomes a great inspiration for the photographer.

African jacana

13- Rose-Ringed Parakeet

One of the most prolific parrots in India, rose ringed parakeet are able to establish a feral population.

Rose-Ringed Parakeet

14- Scarlet Macaws

The meaning of freedom becomes more vivid when we see scarlet macaws flying high free and wild.

Scarlet Macaws

15- Chinstrap Penguins

This stunning photograph of Chinstrap penguins on an iceberg are an amazing scene.

Chinstrap Penguins

16- White-Tailed Eagle

This white tailed sea eagle and Japanese crane in amazing action scene.

White-Tailed Eagle

17- Endemic Puerto Rican

The endemic Puerto Rican Tody photographed near San Pedrito de Puerto Rico.

Endemic Puerto Rican

18- African Shoebill

Shoebill from Africa is an enigmatic and little known bird to the world but it has reached to the brink of extinction on the hands of trappers.

African Shoebill

19- Brown-Headed Parrot

Brown headed parrots prefer low lying rivers and coastal forest. This bird also is near the extinction for illegal capture.

Brown-Headed Parrot

20- Australian Coots

These subspecies of Eurasian coot are found in the Old World on freshwater lakes and ponds throughout the world.

Australian Coots

21- Giant Kingfisher

Kingfisher having a small fish in beak was a stunning caught for the photographer.

Giant Kingfisher

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