120+ Free Icons Sets for Designers and Developers

Icons are very crucial part of a website. Today we have gathered free icon sets from different categories. This collection have minimal icon sets, free android icon sets,  pixel perfect, iPhone icons, browser icons, credit card icons, web icon sets, free flat Icons and many more. A while back we had to spend many hours on learning and making icons than concentrate on other design aspects. Though as designers community has grown, we have found very generous people’s who shared their work with us.

We have gathered their work in the hopes that it will help you in your designs. We also hope that as this will shorten your time in your projects you will be spending a little bit more of time in contributing back to the community.

Please do check listed icon pack creators other work. Who knows you will find something more inspiring!

Enjoy these Free Icon Sets below. This is our first post on collection of icons, we will be back another part of this ongoing series of posts. Stay tuned..

Post Updated On 2/6/2014

35+ Photoshop Tutorials For Icon Design

Minimalist Icons set – 296 Free Icons In 12*12px

MORE / INFOMinimalist Icons set

Minimalist Icons is a set of slick and minimal icons. It can be used in both personal or commercial projects.

There are 296 items in the set from social networks to actions, charts, devices, media controls and more.

All of them are in transparent PNG format, mono-colored and sized 12*12px which can be a good fit (mostly) for web applications. Use them freely (no attributions required) and it is only not permitted to redistribute them.

etricons Windows 8 Icon Set

MORE / INFOetricons Windows 8 Icon Set

25+ Free PSD mobile app icon template sets


Premium Pixels Icon Set (PNG/CSH/PSD)

MORE / INFOPremium Pixels Icon Set (PNGCSHPSD)

The icon set contains 58 pixel-perfect icons which you are free to use in personal and commercial projects. The download includes the PSD, the CSH file for the shapes, and PNGs.

Free Android Icon Sets For Developers and Designers


Free Vector Minimal Icons sets

MORE / INFOFree Vector Minimal Icons

150 Free Mini Vector App Icons set

MORE / INFO150 Free Mini Vector App Icons

This freebie is a collection of 150 pixel-perfect, mini vector icons. Each one has been optimized for display at sizes as small as 16 x 16 pixels, and they are all infinitely scalable for larger sizes and retina displays. This set is perfect for a whole range of projects from the web to mobile app design, and includes a wide variety of shapes including device icons, action icons, clouds, ratings, cameras, stars, arrows, and much much more.

These vector icons can easily be sized to work on iPhone or other iOS apps, android apps, and just about anything else you can think of. Multiple formats are included for easy customization, including PSD, EPS, AI, and the original Fireworks source file. We’ve got a format included for just about any need.

350 Free Vector Web Icons

MORE / INFO350 Free Vector Web Icons

Free Flat Icons


80 White Icons set

MORE / INFO80 White Icons

Free iphone toolbar icons set

MORE / INFOFree iphone toolbar icons

Simple Icon Set

MORE / INFOSimple Icon Set

Simple Vector Icons for Designers

MORE / INFOSimple Vector Icons for Designers

Download this pack with 42 icons in PSD and AI source type.

200 Handcrafted Micro Icons sets (PSD)

MORE / INFO200 Handcrafted Micro Icons (PSD)

200 vector-based micro icons. And they’re pixel perfect. Add these to your toolbox.

Free Icons set

MORE / INFOFree Icons

Thin Stroke set of Vector Icons

MORE / INFOThin Stroke Vector Icons

Micro Icon Set

MORE / INFOMicro Icon Set

This vecotr icon set includes 110 icons in total and is 16×16 pixels. This is entirely vector and can be scaled to any size if needed. It also includes a photoshop PSD.

40 UI Icons set

MORE / INFO40 UI Icons

iPhone Tab Bar Icons

MORE / INFOiPhone Tab Bar Icons

These icons and symbols are designed for Apple iPhone and iPad app development. They are pixel perfect and contain alpha transparency which follow all the requirements provided by Apple.

Pictype Free Vector Icons set

MORE / INFOPictype Free Vector Icons

Free Icons for Smartphones

MORE / INFOIcons for Smartphones

Weather Icons (PSD)

MORE / INFOWeather Icons(PSD)

516 Web Icons

MORE / INFO516 Web Icons

516 beautiful Web Icons, available in PNG, normal and retina size.

Glyph Icons set

MORE / INFOGlyph Icons

Mini Glyphs Icon Set

MORE / INFOMini Glyphs Icon Set

Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)

MORE / INFOApplication Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)

The Application Icon Set consists of 120 pixel-perfect icons in three different sizes (16px, 32px and 64px) and it comes in three formats (PSD, PNG and CSH). The icons are vector shapes so you can scale them to any size.

16x Free Icon Set

MORE / INFO16x Free Icon Set

Jericon V4

MORE / INFOJericon V4

Jericon Mini 16px

MORE / INFOJericon Mini 16px

Sharp Pixel Icons set (FREE)

MORE / INFOSharp Pixel Icons (FREE)

Free Minimal Icons

MORE / INFOFree Minimal Icons

Free Icon Set Sketchapp

MORE / INFOFree Icon Set Sketchapp

Awesome Icons

MORE / INFOAwesome Icons

Christmas Icons

MORE / INFO02 15 christmas holiday icons freebie 35 Brilliant Free Icon Sets for Designers

Free Colorful Iconset

MORE / INFO01 free colorful iconset 35 Brilliant Free Icon Sets for Designers

70 Free Icons

MORE / INFO70 Free Icons

Dark Glyphs

MORE / INFODark Glyphs

Free Pictograms for Keynote

MORE / INFOFree Pictograms for Keynote

63 Blues Icons

MORE / INFO63 Blues Icons

48 Round Icons

MORE / INFO48 Round Icons

35 Detailed Icons

MORE / INFO35 Detailed Icons

45 Blue Drops

MORE / INFO45 Blue Drops

Almost Flat Creative Suite

MORE / INFOAlmost Flat Creative Suite

Pages Icons

MORE / INFOPages Icons

Minimalist App-Style Icons

MORE / INFOMinimalist App-Style Icons

Simple and Clean

MORE / INFOSimple and Clean

Outlined Designer Tools

MORE / INFOOutlined Designer Tools

Bright E-commerce

MORE / INFOBright E-commerce

For the Love of Biscuits

MORE / INFOFor the Love of Biscuits

50 Glyphs Set

MORE / INFO50 Glyphs Set

iWork & iLife

MORE / INFOiWork & iLife

User Interface Icons

MORE / INFOUser Interface Icons

Arrow Status Icons

MORE / INFOArrow Status Icons

Thanksgiving Vectors

MORE / INFOThanksgiving Vectors

Mini Icon Set

MORE / INFOMini Icon Set

Vector Icons by Chapps

MORE / INFOVector Icons by Chapps

5 Flat Devices

MORE / INFO5 Flat Devices

Flat Indicator Icons

MORE / INFOFlat Indicator Icons

8 Weather Icons

MORE / INFO8 Weather Icons

Classic Icons

MORE / INFOClassic Icons

@2x Flat Iconset

MORE / INFO@2x Flat Iconset

Random Flat Icons

MORE / INFORandom Flat Icons


MORE / INFOThinicons

Yellow Icons

MORE / INFOYellow Icons

Credit Card Icons

MORE / INFOCredit Card Icons

Colorful Icons

MORE / INFOColorful browser Icons set

Long Shadow Social

MORE / INFOLong Shadow Social

Clear Icon Set (PSD)

MORE / INFOClear Icon Set (PSD)

126 Icon Set

MORE / INFO126 Icon Set

50 Icons

MORE / INFO50 Icons

Freebie: Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)

MORE / INFOFreebie: Application Icon Set (PNG, PSD, CSH)

Credit / Debit Cards Icons – Free PSD File

MORE / INFOCredit / Debit Cards Icons – Free PSD File

350 Pixel Perfect Icons

MORE / INFO350 Pixel Perfect Icons

105 Loops

MORE / INFO105 Loops

168 Icons

MORE / INFO168 Icons

Free Mini Vector App Icons

MORE / INFOFree Mini Vector App Icons

32px Icon Set

MORE / INFO32px Icon Set

The Ultimate Free Web Designer’s Icon Set (750+)

MORE / INFOThe Ultimate Free Web Designer’s Icon Set

Pixicus Icon Set: 106 Pixel Perfect Icons

MORE / INFO106 Pixel Perfect Icons

Pixel UI Icon Set

MORE / INFOPixel UI Icon Set

Free Beautiful Icons Set PSD

MORE / INFOFree Beautiful Icons Set PSD

Glyph UI Icon Set

MORE / INFOGlyph UI Icon Set

mimiGlyphs – Icon Set

MORE / INFOmimi-icons

350 Free Vector Web Icons

MORE / INFO350 Free Vector Web Icons

Mini glyphs (12 px)

MORE / INFOmini-glyphs

30 Free Social Media Icon Sets (PSD)

MORE / INFO30 Free Social Media Icon Sets (PSD)

Geomicons Squared Icon Set Free PSD

MORE / INFOGeomicons Squared Icon Set Free PSD

128 16px Toolkit Icons

MORE / INFO128 16px Toolkit Icons

Silkcons Icon Set Free PSD

MORE / INFOSilkcons-Free-Photoshop-Icon-sets

160 Tiny Icons

MORE / INFOTiny-Icons-Free-Photoshop-Icon-sets

Free Social Media Icon Set

MORE / INFOFree-Social-Media-Free-Photoshop-Icon-sets

Crisp Icon Set

MORE / INFOCrisp-Icon-Set

Credit Card Icon Pack by Louis Harboe

MORE / INFOCredit Card Icon pack

Web Injection

MORE / INFOwebinjection-icons-01

Beautifully Design Minimal Vector Icon Set

MORE / INFOBeautifully Design Minimal Vector Icon Set

IsoIcons – Workspace


MORE / INFOIsoIcons-Workspace

Free Halloween Icon Pack 1


MORE / INFOhalloween-icon-pack

iOS Icon Pack by Michael Shanks

MORE / INFOiOS Icon Pack by Michael Shanks

Free Vector Web Icons (91 Icons)

MORE / INFOsm-full-pack

Lovely website icons pack 1


MORE / INFOLovely website icons pack 1

Free Vector Icon sets For UI, Wireframes and Web Design


MORE / INFOFree Vector Icons For UI, Wireframes and Web Design

Modern Icons Set | Social Icons FREE PSD


MORE / INFOModern Icons Set Social Icons FREE PSD

Somacro: 32 300DPI Social Media Icons


MORE / INFOSomacro: 32 300DPI Social Media Icons

Google+ icons


MORE / INFOGoogle plus icons

Stainless – Applications Icon


MORE / INFOStainless Applications Icon

Google Plus Vector Icon Pack


MORE / INFOGoogle-Plus Vector-Icon-Pack

IconTexto Message Types


MORE / INFOIcon-Texto Message-Types

Social Networking icons set


MORE / INFOSocial-Networking-icons-set




8-bit Social Icon Pack by Patrick Jones


MORE / INFO8-bit-Social-Icon-Pack-by-Patrick-Jones

Social Media Icon Pack by Alden Haley

MORE / INFOSocial Media Icon Pack

E-Commerce Icon Set

MORE / INFOE-Commerce Icon Set

600 vector icons

MORE / INFOicon-monstr

Social media icons 2012 update


MORE / INFOSocial-media-icons-2012-update

PixelPhilia 32px Icon Set by Ömer Çetin

MORE / INFOPixeloPhilia 32px Icon Set

MORE / INFOgesture-icons-iphone-android

Social Icons with States by Handsome


MORE / INFOSocial Icons with States by Handsome

Free Vector Social Media Icons

MORE / INFOFree-Vector-Social-Media-Icons

Premium Pixels Icon Set by Matt Gentile

MORE / INFOPremium Pixels Icon Set



750 UI Design Vector Icons sets

MORE / INFO750-UI-Design-Vector-Icons-Pack

Free Icons Download by Hüseyin Yilmaz

Boolean Iconset

MORE / INFOBoolean Iconset

140 Icons Freebie by Thom

MORE / INFO140 Icons Freebie by Thom



MORE / INFOCologne

Knob Buttons Toolbar icons


MORE / INFOKnob Buttons Toolbar icons

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